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A house of perfumery inspired by ideals of beauty and uniqueness.


The story of Aquaflor begins a long time ago, when its founders, profound lovers of arts and craftsmanship, started imagining a house of perfumery inspired by ideals of beauty and uniqueness, where in antique cabinets and between old fashioned bottles one could discover precious and unique perfumes.

Aquaflor came to light through the arms of an italian family in the rooms of a historic and prestigious palace: Palazzo Corsini Antinori Serristori, located a few steps away from the renowned Piazza Santa Croce in the heart of Florence.
A location steeped in the tradition of Florentine artistic perfumery, that dates back to the times of Caterina de Medici.

The world of Aquaflor started with only one room and the desire to build something that would not simply be another perfumery shop, but a place where every guest could live the experience of a sensorial journey to be cherished and remembered always. Entering Aquaflor means to literally stop time and immerse in a world of scents, sensations, and pure beauty.

Soon the perfume business made clear the necessity of its very own laboratory, which has since been located in the lower levels of the palace, rendering Aquaflor even more unique and enchanting.

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